Learn more about the services we offer and how we can help you to start your business in Chile.
 Whether you just need Legal Advice to set up your business in our country or get the licenses to start your activities here in Chile or just counseling about mining or renewbable energies, our experts will be fully available for you..

Renewable Energies

We helped hundreds of companies to develop their projects in Chile. Our team of experts can advice you whether you want to invest in solar or wind energy in Chile.


Mining is a key activity in Chile and the main area of foreign investment in our country. Chile is one of the largest world copper producers, one of the most consumed metal in the world.


We will help you to get the licenses you need to start your activities in Chile. Our experts worked directly for the government so they how to get your documents effciently.

Legal Counseling

Chile has one of the safest legal framework in South America, so you can feel really protected when invest in our country. Anyway you need legal expert to help you in the whole investing process.